5 Riding Tips from Steven Spilly [ Must Read ]

Bike riding comes with its challenges but if you’re a talented bike rider such as Steven Spilly, you’ll be quite familiar with the bike riding tips provided in this blog. These simplistic tips would help you to explore bike riding as a hobby. There are plenty of things that need to be taken care of before you embark on your journey on a bike. The most crucial of these tips have been mentioned below:


  1. Wearing a Helmet

Our safety is in our own hands and bike riding can be a dangerous hobby to pursue if one doesn’t take care of their safety. Therefore, while riding a bike, no matter the amount of distance you’d be traveling, you should always wear a helmet. It is the foremost safety measure that you can take when you’re riding a bike. It is always highly recommended that you should keep with yourself a helmet every time you are riding a bike. The job of a good helmet is to protect you from serious and fatal injuries in case you meet with an accident.


  1. Following Traffic Laws

Laws have been created from time immemorial to maintain the structure of a society. Traffic laws have been made to make sure there are a minimum number of disputes on the road as everyone follows strict guidelines. If you’re riding a bike on the road then there are certain traffic laws that you need to be aware of and should follow. These laws are effective regardless of the vehicle you’re traveling in. an example of being a good citizen and following the traffic law would be stopping at stop signs and red lights, using hand signals when turning, and driving in the designated bike lane if available.


  1. Keeping an Eye out for Hazards

When on the road, follow the rules of the road. You need to keep an eye out for road hazards and be attentive while driving, especially while driving a bike. there can be plenty of road hazards that can deviate you from your track and result in fatal injuries. These tiny hazards if ignored can prove injurious to one’s health. You need to keep an eye out for hazards like potholes, gravel, and debris. It is highly recommended that you should avoid such hazards and use caution while riding over them.


  1. Using lights and reflectors

It is very essential to understand that a bike needs to have good light and reflectors, especially when you’re driving in the dark or low light conditions. Make sure that your bike is well-lit with lights and reflectors to guide the way. Adding light and reflectors to your bike would not only be good to light up your way but it would also be good for other road users as it’ll make your bike visible to them.


  1. A Regular Bike Checkup

A good bike needs regular maintenance especially when you use it often. You need to make sure that your bike is in good shape and a good working position. For this, it is recommended that you should check its tires, brakes, and chain regularly. If you notice any issue with any of the bike parts, immediately fix it so that accidents or breakdowns while riding can be avoided.


When riding a bike, one should always keep the above tips in mind. To summarize, you need to keep yourself safe while riding a bike by always using a helmet and doing a routine bike checkup. Use lights and reflectors and always follow traffic laws.


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